My Experience in Increasing Rust's Reach 2018

I recently had the privilege of participating the Increasing Rust’s Reach(IRR) program. The program aims to grow Rust’s community of project collaborators and leaders. Increasing Rust’s Reach brings together Rust team members and … [Read More]

Rust: Raw string literals

r#"What is this?"#

While working with Rust, you will often come across r#"something like this"#, especially when working with JSON and TOML files. It defines a raw string literal. When would you use a raw string literal and what makes a valid raw string … [Read More]

Explore OpenData on using R

The National Computer Board(NCB) of Mauritius recently announced the Open Data Mauritius portal1. It contains 100 datasets on topics such as Agriculture, Crime, Justice and Security, Health and Tourism. The portal is powered by the DKAN Open Data … [Read More]
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Blynk-ESP8266 教程

Blynk 是一款适合喜欢折腾小型开发板的实用组合配套工具。通过该应用,你可以更方便的用于控制各种物联网设备。你可以使用Blynk创建精美的界面和挂件 [Read More]
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