Releasing rust_gpiozero v0.2.0

A new version packed with new features and improvements

For the past month I have been working on rust_gpiozero. This new release is a complete rewrite and uses Rene van der Meer(@golemparts)’s [rppal]( crate under the hood. It also uses Rust 2018 edition. Why rppal? Simply because Rene has done an incredible work on rppal. It provides first class support for the Raspberry Pis. Instead of trying to (poorly) reimplement the features, I think it is best to build upon the rppal. [Read More]

Physical Computing With Rust On Raspberry Pi

Use Rust to control LEDs, Buzzers, and more with the Raspberry Pi

A couple of months ago I released the rust_gpiozero1 crate. It is a port of the GPIO Zero2 library by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The library provides a simple interface to control GPIO devices with a Raspberry Pi. Following this, recently ported the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Physical Computing with Python3 guide for Rust. Why did I create the rust_gpiozero crate? After going through The Rust Programming language book, I decided to work on a side project to practice some of the concepts. [Read More]