Developers Conference 2017

The Developers Conference, organised by the MSCC, is the BIGGEST tech event in Mauritius. DevCon brought together tech enthusiasts, hobbyists, numerous user groups, prestigious companies, students, and more!!! I was privileged to present as a Microsoft Student Partner.

My team(@dishaykissoon and me), presented on NodeBots: Using Javascript for hardware programming. The idea was to use NodeBots and Javascript as an entry point to get more people interested in hardware programming and DIY projects.

Here are a few things we covered during the session: 1. Giving a few examples of hardware programming and IoT 2. Introducing a few development boards such as the Arduino, Intel Edison and Esp8266. 3. Why use Javascript instead of traditional Arduino IDE, C/C++? 4. The Johnny-five framework 5. How NodeBots work? 6. A few Demos 7. What’s Next?

As I was making the case for promoting the maker culture in Mauritius, Yovan Fowdar seized the opportunity to reach out to the crowd and promote the Mauritius Maker Community. Indeed, I believe different communities in Mauritius should team up to get more people interested in tech, electronics, open source projects, etc.

A development board

Setup for demo

I was amazed by the response we recieved from the audience. Also, I was convinced that many Mauritians are interested in hardware programming and we need to eliminate the barriers that exist.

People eager to see nodebots

After the presentation, I had a very interesting conversation with Yovan Fowdar and @NadeemDookhan. We discussed the need for reaching out into the community and inspire more people, whether from a technical background or not, to get started with hardware programming.

Networking with Yovan and Ajmal

It was the first time I presented at DevCon. Presenting at DevCon IS scary, however the experience is worthwhile. I am grateful for @dishaykissoon, the Microsoft Student Partners Mauritius and all my friends and family for making the presentation a reality.

Me and Dishay making last minute changes

DevCon 2017 proved to be huge success. This is undeniably due to the hard work of the organising team, especially @JKirstaetter and the MSCC, and all the sponsors and volunteers. I am already looking forward for the next Developers Conference!