Developers Conference 2017

Developers Conference 2017

- 2 mins

The Developers Conference, organised by the MSCC, is the BIGGEST tech event in Mauritius. DevCon brought together tech enthusiasts, hobbyists, numerous user groups, prestigious companies, students, and more!!! I was privileged to present as a Microsoft Student Partner.

My team(@dishaykissoon and me), presented on NodeBots: Using Javascript for hardware programming. The idea was to use NodeBots and Javascript as an entry point to get more people interested in hardware programming and DIY projects.

Here are a few things we covered during the session:

  1. Giving a few examples of hardware programming and IoT
  2. Introducing a few development boards such as the Arduino, Intel Edison and Esp8266.
  3. Why use Javascript instead of traditional Arduino IDE, C/C++?
  4. The Johnny-five framework
  5. How NodeBots work?
  6. A few Demos
  7. What’s Next?

As I was making the case for promoting the maker culture in Mauritius, Yovan Fowdar seized the opportunity to reach out to the crowd and promote the Mauritius Maker Community. Indeed, I believe different communities in Mauritius should team up to get more people interested in tech, electronics, open source projects, etc.

A development board

Setup for demo

I was amazed by the response we recieved from the audience. Also, I was convinced that many Mauritians are interested in hardware programming and we need to eliminate the barriers that exist.

People eager to see nodebots

After the presentation, I had a very interesting conversation with Yovan Fowdar and @NadeemDookhan. We discussed the need for reaching out into the community and inspire more people, whether from a technical background or not, to get started with hardware programming.

Networking with Yovan and Ajmal

It was the first time I presented at DevCon. Presenting at DevCon IS scary, however the experience is worthwhile. I am grateful for @dishaykissoon, the Microsoft Student Partners Mauritius and all my friends and family for making the presentation a reality.

Me and Dishay making last minute changes

DevCon 2017 proved to be huge success. This is undeniably due to the hard work of the organising team, especially @JKirstaetter and the MSCC, and all the sponsors and volunteers. I am already looking forward for the next Developers Conference!

Rahul Thakoor

Rahul Thakoor

Rahul is always looking for new challenges and has too many interests to be listed in a few lines.

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